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QA in Brief - ISO9001 2015 Update #12

Kevin Stretton - Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The six (6) obligatory procedures

Within the 2008 framework mandating a documented quality management system companies were required to demonstrate how they controlled:-
·   Internal auditing
·   Policy & objectives
·   Quality manual & procedures
·   Preventive action
·   Records

It’s important to note that internal auditing, policy objectives and preventative action are inter-connected with each other and closely linked to continual improvement methods.

With changes to the 2015 version all of these requirements have been removed and so your organisation has a unique opportunity to adapt creatively to those changes while demonstrating control of risk.

Areas to consider are:-


·  Context of the organisation compared with its community and industry sectors

·  Decisions made or based on evidence and facts, not opinions

·  Engagement of people (external to and within the organisation)

•    Evaluating the organisation’s performance

•    Improvement

•    Increased customer focus

•    Leadership (not just management commitment)

•    Managing relationships

•    Operations – how they are structured and controlled

•    Planning

•    Process based controls and thinking (no matter what industry sector you are in)

          •    Support mechanisms




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